Preference #2: you accidently hit him in the balls xD

You and Harry were celebrating your 3 year anniversery and you were at a dance club with Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. You were thirsty so you told Harry that you would be back. He stayed there on the dance floor, so you thought, and you walked over to the soda fountain and poored your favorite drink. You thought it would be nice to get Harry a drink to so you did, you started to have a friendly talk with one of the other girls there and then she said she had a nice time talking to you and you both said bye. As you turned to walk back to Harry you ran right into him kneeing him in his balls. “OH MY GOSH HAZZA ARE YOU OK?!?! IM SO SORRY!!!” you said frantically but trying not to laugh. “Its..o-ok love…i shouldnt have been that close behind you..ouch..” he said in a shrill voice and in the fetal position on the ground. “Im still sorry i shoulve seen you!” you said with a laugh. Then you helped him get up and sit in a chair. “You know, your knee is really hard?” he said with a grough smirk. You laughed and said, “Well yeah i would think so. Do you need like an ice pack or something?” He nodded and you ran over to the bar to ask for an ice pack and then ran back over to give it to Harry.
Louis had just got back from his last concert and he was relaxing on the couch and you were in the kitchen fixing him a snack. You had some carrots, an apple, some cheese and crackers. You were almost done with the snack but you couldnt fit the appl on the plate. So you just grabbed it and started to walk into the living room were Louis was and you got an idea to toss the apple to him and so you said while tossing it, “Heads up Louis.” He had a late reaction and he missed the apple and it hit him right in the balls. You gasped and got wide eyed as he curled up holding his crotch and whining in pain. “AW LOUIS I DIDNT MEAN TO DO THAT!! I SHOULDNT HAVE THROWN THAT APPLE!!” you say worried. “Its..ok love..ill be fine..i think..” He said with his eyes shut tight and he was still curled up in a ball. “Do you need something for it?” you asked with a smirk. “Yeah theres a ice pack the shape of a carrot in the freezer, i want that one. Hurry please.” he said with a painful grin. You ran into the kitchen and frantically looked for the ice pack. You finally found it and took it back to Louis. He finally stopped hurting and ate his snack laughing about what happened.
You and Niall were at the store getting more food (of course) because last night Niall went on an eating spree and ate half of the food at your house.You were looking down the isles for some pasta for spaghetti for supper tonight. So Niall skipped over to the free sample section and you were left alone to pick out the food. You finally got all the food you needed and headed over to the place Niall was. He was trying to take more than one sample of the cheese station but the lady there would let him, so you just laughed and told him to come on. As you were in the check out line Niall slipped in front of you to pay for the food, and a magazine caught your attention. You flipped through it and you found a funny part of it and said laughing to Niall, “They caught you skipping at Disney World.” You scooted closer to him so he could see it better but you accidentally bumped the cart and the corner hit him right in the balls. “OH NIALL IM SO SORRY!!! I ACCIDENTALLY BUMPED THE CART ARE YOU OK?!?!” you say frantically. “Um.. yeah i think so princess… can you help me up though?” he said with a wince. You help him up and told the cashier you would be right back. You headed to the car and as you walked there you saw cameras flashing, but you ignored it. You put him in the car and rush back in to get the groceries and rush back out to drive home and get him an icepack.

You and Zayn were walking to the park and he was ranting on about his hair and other things. You were too distracted by your worriness that paparazzi was gonna ruin your perfect day with Zayn to listen to him. “Hey boo are you ok?” he asked with a concerned look on hit face. “Um, yeah fine how bout you?” you say still distracted. “Just fine being with you.” he said with a smirk and looking at you for awhile. Once you finally look back at him theres a pole right in front of him then BAM it hits him runs right into it and he hits his balls on it. He starts to mumble something you couldnt understand because you were trying not to laugh. “Zayn are you ok?” you said kneeling beside him. “Yeah just peachy. Can we go home now?” he said with a grimace of pain look on his face. “Yeah come on ill help you.” you said getting up handing your hand out so he could get up. He slung his arm over your shoulder and said, “Ya know, you could have told me the pole was there.” “I didnt see it either until you ran into it..i was distracted.” you said with a smrik. You both laughed as you walked in the house and you set him down and went into the kitchen to get an icepack.


Liam was in the recording booth and you were watching all of the boys plus him sing their new song. “Good job today boys.” Paul said with a smile. They filed out of the booth and Liam came up and hugged you with his big bear hugs. “Thanks for commin love!” he said with a smile and he kissed you. You nodded and both of you headed out of the studio hand in hand. “So were to next?” you asked with joy. “Well i thought we could go to that new ice cream place down the road.” he said pointing in the direction of the ice cream parlor. “Ok! i call getting chocolate!” you said with a laugh. You too drove down the road to the place and ordered you sundaes and sat down. You started to have a little ice cream fight by wiping some ice cream on his nose then he tried to wipe but you dodged and almost fell off your seat. You saved yourself by sticking out your foot but you accidentally hit him in the balls and hes the one who falls out of his seat. “OH MY GOSH LIAM IM SO SORRY BABE!!” you say jumping off your seat and leaning over to look at him. “Its ok honey.. I just need a ice pack or something.” he said trying to get up but ends up falling back down on his butt. You rushed over to the cashier and asked for a bag of ice and he immediately gave you it because he saw what happened. Then you ran back over to Liam and put it on him and sat beside him and tried to help him up but it was really hard because you kicked him really hard.

Authors Note: Sorry if its to expective but here it is!! thanks for being patient with me!! love you guys!!